Wild Bird Wednesday: Snow Geese

The Snow Geese arrived in our area on Monday, and I was very excited to see them after a long winter! I saw about 300 yesterday so they are back in full force. For the first time, today, I’m linking up with Stewart for his Wild Bird Wednesday. So, be sure to read through all the other bloggers’ posts with their wild birds.

A flock of Snow Geese,



15 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday: Snow Geese

  1. These are iconic birds – I’d love to see them in the wild. I’ve seen them in wildfowl parks – but that does not count!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  2. Don’t you just love them. They winter over here in our Valley–Skagit Valley. The count is usually 90,000 to 100,00 Snow Geese. They are here October to March-April. It is awesome to see them fill a field and to take off in flight. In the mornings and evenings they rise in the sky like massive ribbons waving away. Love ’em. MB

  3. It is neat to see the large flocks of snow geese. I have been lucky to see around here in the weather, they can sound very loud at times. Wonderful photos!

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