New peregrine falcon cam in Alberta

Next week there will be a new peregrine falcon camera ready to go in Edmonton, Alberta. You can read about it here at the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) website. The nest and the camera are on the top of the city’s Bell (Telephone) Tower building, and the camera is sponsored by  Bell Mobility and Snap Security.

The bird is a female known only as E4.  She was born and raised on a natural sandstone cliff on the Red Deer River in the Summer of 2002. She has been nesting at the Bell Tower in downtown Edmonton since 2004.

You can read more about saving the peregrines in Alberta in this wonderful article, “The Last Peregrine” by Gordon Court, from Conservation Magazine.

Some other bird/nest cams I like:

Decorah Eagles: the pair of eagles have three chicks, who are getting ready for their first flight

Ellie and Albert, the pair of great-horned owls who made a nest at the Ellis Bird Farm (near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

Bobby and Violet, a pair of nesting red-tailed hawks in New York City. I have been watching this cam very diligently when I have the time.

Phoebe, an Allen hummingbird, with one chick who seems much to big for its nest!