On Sunday I was very excited to see a female bufflehead and her 10 ducklings. They are the first black-and-white ducklings I’ve ever seen. They are very cute.

I think that the ducklings look like miniature Canada geese,

The mother is on the left hand side of the picture,

I would have made the movie longer, but I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. In the background you can hear the mother calling to her babies,

Summer Poll Results

Thank you very much for everyone who voted on my Summer Poll. The results are in, and The Favorite Summer Bird that was most voted for, is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Baltimore Oriole, 2 votes

Ruddy Duck, 1 vote

Ruby-throated Hummingbird, 4 votes

Thank you to all who voted and played along with my summer game!

New Neighbor

I noticed last Tuesday morning that we had a House wren in our yard, which is odd because where we live, we don’t have a wren’s usual habitat which is forest and bush.

Instead, we have open prairie and a few spruce trees. There are woods are across the road from our house, where I know that there are many House wrens, but there has never been a House wren in our yard until now. The wren is a male, who has taken an interest in the log bird house my father built last year. The wren has been filling the house with little twigs. My mother and I enjoy watching him going in and out of the box. Now each morning I wake up to the beautiful song of the House wren.

This is the bird box on our deck where the wren is building a nest,

Feathers on Friday

If you would like to join me for Feathers on Friday, please put the link to your blog post in the comments and I will add a link to my post.

A pair of Barn Swallows on a power line in our yard, the female on the left and the male on the right,

This pair of Barn swallows has made a nest over my brothers’ bedroom window,

Enjoying the Rain

For the past five days it has been raining in our part of Alberta. At first the rain was very welcome because we hadn’t had moisture for two months, but five days of it has too much, at least for the humans, since it has made everything very muddy, especially around our corrals. But the birds, especially the robins, and the frogs, are very happy!

Yesterday was the first day with a rainbow, so I went out in the evening to take some pictures. Here are my favorites:

The rainbow is very faint in this picture,

When it rains all the goldfinches come to the to the tree with the feeders to try to stay dry,

Two female goldfinches,

The female Ruby-thraoted hummingbird coming for a drink at the nectar feeder,