Feathers on Saturday and Grouse Dance Cancellation

I would have posted on Friday but our internet was very slow!

Unfortunately the grouse dance I was planning to go to yesterday was canceled. The president of our local naturalist society went on the first trip last week and said there were only six birds when there are usually two to three dozen. He decided that it would be best to cancel any further trips to avoid disturbing the birds. Now we are wondering if the mild winter had something to with the decline in the grouse population numbers.

On Thursday on our way home from music lessons, I spotted a pair of Turkey Vultures at an old abandoned building. Turkey Vultures make their nests in old buildings, so I’m going to keep an eye on this pair,

9 thoughts on “Feathers on Saturday and Grouse Dance Cancellation

  1. PrairieBirder, I’m sad to hear that you missed out on seeing the Grouse dance. I’ll have to wait until next year too. I hope the Turkey Vultures do nest in the old building for you!

  2. Sorry to hear the Grouse numbers are down. That will be interesting to keep tabs on the Turkey Vultures. We saw our FOS Turkey Vulture last week.

    • I hope the grouse regain their numbers this spring and summer. I can’t wait to see if the vultures are there again on Thursday, it would be so neat if they were to nest there!

  3. Miss Prairie Birder, please send the information on your sighting of the Turkey Vultures on the building to Wayne Nelson at (780) 672-4363 in Camrose or email him at wanelson@telus.net. He is biologist studying Turkey Vultures and banding the youngsters. Sitting on a building in April often indicates a nest site.

    I was up at Sandy Lake by Two Hills this weekend and saw two Turkey Vultures fly over today (April 22)

    Doug Faulder

    • Doug, what a great sighting and yes, I have been in touch with Wayne Nelson and we are corresponding. I actually met him a few years ago when he gave a slide show presentation on his work with the Turkey Vultures at our naturalist society. One of the people he works with is with Alberta Fish & Wildlife in our town.

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