Feathers on Friday

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A Solitary Sandpiper looking for a meal on mudflats near my house,


Shore Birds and a Life Bird

I went out this morning at 6 am to look for some new birds at the lake behind our house. I was able to find four species of shorebirds: two Short-billed Dowitchers, five Solitary Sandpipers, and one Willet. The most exciting birds were about 30 Semipalmated Sandpipers, because that is sandpiper a life bird for me.

I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but the light was pretty bad so early in the morning that there was no point in taking too many pictures.

Semipalmated Sandpiper,

Short-billed Dowitcher,

Three Semipalmated Sandpipers feeding,

Bird Photo Quiz #5: Answers

Here are the answers to my Bird Photo Quiz #5:

Picture #1 is a Black-billed Magpie

Picture #2 is a Solitary Sandpiper

Congratulations to Brendan at Catching the Thermals and Dave at Birding Ecosse  both correctly identified the birds. Thanks for all playing along!

Early Morning Bird Walk

My father and I went out again this morning to the swamp nearby.

When we arrived, the Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Common Moorhen were there, and after awhile two Yellow-crowned Night Herons and three Green Herons flew by, and one Green Heron stopped but too far away for a close-up picture. But I took advantage of the fact that it had stopped anyway and took a picture.

I was hoping to get close to the Great Egret for a picture as I was returning to the car, and caught a glimpse of yellow and followed it in to the trees. To my surprise two Solitary Sandpipers were there, but I hadn’t forgotten about the yellow bird. I peered into the tree, it was very hard to see the bird, but I got a fairly good look at it so I think it was a Yellow Warbler. I hope it was.

The Great Egret,

This morning there was only the one male Common Moorhen,

The Great Blue Heron,

The Green Heron,


Brown Pelicans on a fishing boat,

Just as we got in to the car and started going down the road I saw some kind of a black bird. I told my dad to back the car up,  got out and started to look for the bird, and saw it was an immature Glossy Ibis,

Beach Birds

From our trip to the beach on November 7, not the sunniest day but some very exciting birds!

I was very happy to spot a pair of Solitary Sandpipers,

As I was taking pictures of them, they spent most of their time over the water waiting for me to leave,

The male came very close to me for a few minutes,

While my family and I were enjoying the water and body surfing, I looked up and there was the Yellow-crowned Night Heron. I ran out of the water to get my camera before it flew away,

On the other side of the roof,

I was able to get a very close look at the heron,