An Autographed Peterson and “The Birds of Alberta”

My Facebook friend Michael sent me a message last May to offer me his copies of Birds of Alberta by W. Ray Salt and Jim R. Salt and an autographed second edition of Peterson’s Field Guide to Western Birds (1961).

Since Michael lives in Edmonton, he dropped the books off at the Wild Bird General Store from where I picked them up a few days later. I’ve recently had the chance to spend more time reading through them. It’s wonderful to have them in my collection. Thank you very much for such a generous gift, Michael, and for thinking of me.

Michael told me that the autographed Peterson Field Guide was previously owned by the late Dr. Otto Hohn of the University of Alberta, an avid birder and international expert on avian endocrinology. My mother just got me a copy of one of Dr. Hohn’s books, A Northern Naturalist, which I’m also looking forward to reading. Thank you, too, Michael, for the introduction to Dr. Hohn.


The autographed page,


It’s facinating reading through Dr. Hohn’s checklist in the guide,