Mammal on Monday

I was at my grandparents’ house this past weekend to paint doors, trim, and windows for them. I’m always excited to be in their yard, because it somehow attract birds and mammals I can’t seem find anywhere else around here. While there, I was able to see a Ruby-crowned Kinglet in a Mayday tree. It’s always fun to see the Least Chipmunk, which is my featured mammal for Mammal on Monday!

Getting Ready for the Baillie Birdathon

My Baillie Birdathon date, May 30 is coming up very quickly, and I’m getting very excited! I have started making lists of probable species, possible species, and very unlikely species that I might see, and I am trying to plan my route to the minute, but I know when the day comes I’ll probably have to change my route and schedule.

I have been going on bird walks around our property scouting out the best birding places. I also went on a bird walk at our provincial park on Monday (after I took my learner’s test for the second time and passed) and saw Double-crested Cormorants, Red-breasted Mergansers, and Common Terns. I’m hoping to visit the park during my birdathon in the morning and again in the evening because there are great birds I can see at the park that I can’t find anywhere else around here.

I also am getting a new scope which is very exciting, and it should arrive around the 17th which should give me time to practice with it before the big day comes. I ordered my scope from Pelee Wings in Ontario, with some wonderful help by phone and email from Michael Malone; we won’t have the chance any time soon to go to Edmonton to look for a scope, so mail order was my only chance. My mom paid for my scope with her credit card, but once I have enough money in my bank account I will write my parents a cheque for the full amount. I ordered a Swarovski ATM 80 scope, 20-60 zoom eyepiece, and a scope backpack carrier, and a Manfrotto 190 tripod with 128RC head. I know this might seem expensive especially for a young birder, but I wanted to get a scope I can use for my university studies and into my career, and also  in my spare time. I think in the end it would be cheaper to buy a good quality, more expensive scope now because I won’t also have the expense of a second, cheaper scope to start with.

I would like to offer a huge thank you to reader Curtis, and Hyde Park Feed & Country Store for their recent donations to my Baillie Birdathon campaign.

My Baillie Birdathon date is set for the 30th of May, and I will have a full post about my birdathon in June. I know I’m going to have a terrific 24 hours!

The pair of Red-breasted Mergansers I saw on Monday,

A Least Chipmunk also seen at the park,