Feathers on Friday

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The other day while working on my second to last chapter of my Cornell Lab Home Study course in Bird Biology, I would periodically look out the kitchen window at the slough across the road. Among the Mallards, Northern Pintails, American Avocets, and Greater Yellowlegs were two Black-necked Stilts. Black-necked Stilts aren’t all that common in this area, but I’ve seen at least one every spring at this same slough for a few years in a row now.

I took a break from the birds on the page for some digiscoping of actual birds. I used my Swarovski ATM 80 scope with the 20-60 zoom eyepiece and Phone Skope adapter to get this photo.

One of the Black-necked Stilts,


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Feathers on Friday

This morning I went out for some birding at the slough across the road from our house. I saw one Willet  and many Wilson’s Phalaropes. I was walking to the mudflats on the other side of the slough, when two birds flew down. I looked through my scope and could see they were Black-necked Stilts, a life bird! They aren’t rare for Alberta, but rare for our area.

Black-necked Stilts,