“Best Places to Bird in the Prairies” Giveaways!

Good Canadian-specific field guides are few and far between, and those for the Prairies are even harder to come by.

Greystone Books has begun to rectify this oversight by publishing a series of books for birders that focus on some of the best birding locations each province has to offer. The first guide in the series looked at British Columbia, and now the newest covers the top spots in the prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). Best Places to Bird in the Prairies is a collaboration between experts from across the provinces: John Acorn from Alberta, Alan Smith from Saskatchewan, and Nicola Koper from Manitoba, who have unparalleled knowledge for their areas.

Maps, detailed directions, and alternate routes for those out-of-the-way locations are provided, but the guide isn’t limited to remote sites; the locales featured are as diverse as the birds that inhabit them, ranging from urban to rural, easily accessible to not very. The guide helps beginning birders as well as those visiting from out of province and abroad to explore the incredible variety of avian species found across the Prairies, and will also guide experienced birders to see target species found only in certain locations.

In Best Places to Bird in the Prairies, three of Canada’s top birders reveal their favourite destinations for spotting local birds in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. They highlight thirty-six of the region’s most highly recommended sites, each of which has been expertly selected for the unique species that reside there. With exclusive lists of specialty birds, splendid color photography, and plenty of insider tips for finding and identifying birdlife year-round, the book is accessible and easy-to-use—an indispensable resource that will inspire both novice and seasoned birders to put on their walking shoes, grab their binoculars, and start exploring.

Eager to get your hands on the Best Places to Bird in the Prairies? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have two copies of the new guide to give away, from this blog and also from the Alberta Birds Facebook Group; a big thanks to Josh at Greystone Books for making the giveaway possible. That’s two books we’re giving away, so check out the Facebook group for those contest details.

How to win a copy:

1. Please comment on this post below with your favourite birding location in either of the three provinces, or your favourite prairie species.

2. For a second entry, head over to my personal Facebook page Prairie Birder as well as to the Greystone Books Facebook page and “Like” them both.

Please mention below in your comment that you have “Liked” them (if you’ve already liked our pages, that still counts!).

The deadline to enter is Thursday, April 26th. After a random draw, I’ll announce the winner on Friday, April 27th.

Good luck to everyone!

46 thoughts on ““Best Places to Bird in the Prairies” Giveaways!

  1. My favourite place to go birding is out in our pastures along the Blackfoot Creek south of Lloydminster.
    I have ‘liked” both pages.

  2. New to birding, and so far this year, my favourite siting has been of the snowy owl near Three Hills, Alberta.
    Liked both pages.

  3. My birding husband, Colin Bamsey, says the Jessie Lake Trail (around Jessie Lake) by Bonnyville is a great spot to see all kinds of shorebirds. I’ve liked both Prairie Birder and Greystone Books pages. :)

  4. Tyrrell Lake is my favorite “go to” place for birding. It has a wide variety of waterfowl, shorebirds, birds of prey and songbirds. It is a major resting/staging area for Snow Geese, a spectacular sight to see, hear and experience. It also get the odd rare bird such as Great Egret. My favorite bird is the Great Horned Owl and they nest here every year.

  5. Like both prairie border and greystone books, liked the post and shared my photo of a short-eared owl at Keephills, AB. Thanks for the chance!

  6. I grew up in northern Saskatchewan and that is where I began my birding experiences. My favourite prairie birds are Mountain Bluebird, Baltimore Oriole and Sandhill Crane! ( Sorry… I just couldn’t choose one!) I have liked both pages,

  7. I live on the wide open prairie south of Lethbridge, in the grasslands. That’s where I do most of my bird watching. Ferruginous hawks nesting in our yard, in one of only 4 trees, meadowlarks singing us awake every morning all Summer, and hearing Sprague’s pipit’s sweet song every once in while, making our life feel more complete. Last year I discovered a new lek which we will surreptitiously watch this year to see if it’s used again. There’s nothing like the southern Alberta prairie for bird watching. I have ‘liked’ the facebook page. I wouldn’t want to mention that April 23 is my birthday…. ;-).

  8. I love the birds at Carburn Park in Calgary! Recently saw hundreds of Bohemian Waxings, a couple Downy Woodpeckers, and a few deer to boot!

  9. Liked and Liked! I am fairly new to birding over the last 5 years. It has been so much fun and I just want to learn more and more. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book!

  10. My favourite birding location is right outside my home, on the edge of the Lewis Estates golf course, where I am inundated with redpolls in the winter as well as all three species of woodpeckers and numerous other year-round species, a great assortment of water-fowl in the summer; passerines such as American goldfinch, song sparrows, wrens and even Boreal chickadees nest in my nestboxes.

  11. I love watching birds but have limited time to do so. Therefore I am very grateful for our bird feeders that I can watch from our dining room table. I love seeing all the winter birds enjoying the feast (thanks to my faithful husband). Favorite bird? That’s hard….maybe the American Goldfinch or the Yellow Warbler, or the Pine Grosbeak or!!!

  12. A difficult choice to make regarding favorite prairie species. So many beauties to choose from but I have to say it is the Boreal chickadee. I watch them from my home office window as they flit through the spruce hedge on the west side. They are so subltly coloured in tawny and rownand grey. Always a delight to see them.

  13. Favourite birding location in the prairies? Tough to choose one, but I’ll say the SE corner of Alberta (say Pakowki Lake to Wild Horse), for its myriad longspurs and some helpful, friendly people.
    I’ve liked both pages.

  14. Liked both pages 🕊🐦 the veteran, coronation and consort ab area has been my orginal favorite place. Such a nice variety that migrates through the area. Now im up at high praire and im loving the beautiful colours of the birds here. Splashes of joy in this long winter/spring!

  15. I’ve liked and posted pics 🤓 (I also have the BC one, if I don’t win I’ll be buying it as it’s a must have book for my collection)

  16. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary because it is very close to home and has such a huge array of species that can be seen without needing huge glass.

  17. Liked the sites. My favourite prairie birds are wrens, redwing blackbirds, and goldfinches. I’d love to own this book.

  18. hello, I have ‘liked’ both pages and would enjoy getting the chance to see this new book and explore some new areas!

  19. I have liked both pages. One of my many favourite prairie avian species is the Western Meadowlark… I love its beauty — in appearance, stature, and especially song. My favourite birding place on the Prairies is Southwest Saskatchewan (not limited to but including Sask Landing Prov Park, Cypress Hills Prov Park area, and every Prairie slough I find) as well as Waterton Lakes National Park and area — always enjoy the mixture of prairie and forest birds.

  20. I’ve like both pages! My favorite prairie bird has got to be the northern harrier. I love how sexually dimorphic they are (males grey and females brown). Plus, they are very unique among hawks, maybe more like an osprey.

  21. I’ve already liked both pages! My favorite place to bird in Alberta lately has been Big Lake in St. Albert, whenever I’m Saskatchewan I like to stop in Chaplin, and there’s many spots in the Interlake in Manitoba that I’ve found some interesting bird species!

  22. I’ve liked both pages! In Saskatchewan, I enjoy birding in the RM of Elmsthorpe, lots of species that are ‘new’ to me!

  23. I was going to turn in for the night. Everything quiet, then I heard them. Unmistakable. The Sandhill Cranes are over Edmonton. 2018. 27.4. 1 a.m.

  24. My favorite birding place is Lac lac Cardinal by Grimshaw Alberta.
    The lake is a major staging lake for migrating birds. The west side of the lake is shallow with extensive reed beds.
    The shores of this lake are mostly forested with some large patches of Willow which attract many song birds and forest species such a Ruffed Grouse.

    This lake has it all, from Pelicans to Warblers and everything in between. The one thing it lacks is public access. There are a few limited place where the public can access the lake, but there could be so much more.

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