Featherless on Friday

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I know it’s not bird-related, but I had to share a photo of our new lambs. Our ram jumped the fence early last year, and bred five of the ewes. The lambs were born this past week, and we have 14 of them from the five ewes. Our normal lambing season should begin at the end of April.

Here’s one of the ewes with her triplets,IMG_0026

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8 thoughts on “Featherless on Friday

  1. what an interesting and informative article on the hummingbirds. Also enjoyed the picture of the ewe and her 3 lambs. Claudette

  2. Oh they’re just precious, Charlotte!! So glad you shared. :)))

    Take care,
    Lorraine Oakes
    Blackfalds, Alberta

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Love sheep – these lambs and their mum are adorable – thanks for the great photo even without birds, Prairie Birder – great to know that something is wonderful with this crazy weather.

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