Photo Essay: Common Redpolls

Over Christmas, I had a chance to get better photos of the Common Redpolls at our big feeder. All the photo are taken with my Nikon D610 with the 200-500mm lens. The 36” feeder is so big that it barely fits in the camera frame, even at 200mm.

The feeder is filled with a mix of nyjer and sunflower chips which the birds empty in about two days. There are at least 40 redpolls visiting my feeders daily and it’s very entertaining watching them vie for position on the perches.

DSC_1094DSC_1101 DSC_1099 DSC_1094DSC_1105DSC_1104

12 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Common Redpolls

  1. Hi Prairie Birder! We live on an acreage east of Ardrossan AB. We have seen very few redpolls around our feeder this year and would like to attract them back if possible. We really enjoy your photos. Can you confirm what part of Alberta you are? Any tips you can pass on to us would be appreciated! All the Best in 2016!

    Wayne & Donna Heartwell

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    • Hi Wayne,

      Make sure your feeders are constantly full, so when the redpolls arrive there will be lots of feed for them. I put out whole black oil sunflower seeds and sunflower chips with nyjer seed. This is the first year since 2013 that I’m seeing good numbers of redpolls at my feeding station. I’m in the Vermilion area and hope you and Donna get some redpolls soon!

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