Birding News #83

The big news this week was, of course, the National Audubon Society’s report on climate change, which is likely to so change North America’s bird population that nearly half the approximately 650 species will be forced to either smaller spaces or new places to inhabit, feed, and breed over the next 65 years, with extinction a likely prospect for many species

With severe drought covering 95 percent of California, The Nature Conservancy has leased 14,000 acres from rice farmers, then flooding them to create “pop-up wetlands” for migrating birds.

After a public outcry and despite permission on public health grounds, the Tesco supermarket in Great Yarmouth, England, has postponed plans to shoot a Pied Wagtail which has taken up residence in the store.

A study on how the earliest birds, 150 million years ago, learned to fly has revealed that from the first day after hatching, birds have an innate ability to maneuver in midair.

A paper published this week shows that birds living in the Costa Rican rainforests represent around 4.1 billion years of evolutionary history, compared to those that occupy nearby farmland which represent as little as 3.3 billion years, suggesting that agriculture, especially intensive monoculture farming, “diminishes phylogenetic diversity”.

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

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