Birding News #73

:: There are now more than 160 birding/bird apps listed on iTunes

:: A Tufted Puffin was seen near the New Brunswick coast this past week. The last time a Tufted Puffin was spotted on the Atlantic coast was in Maine in the 1830s.

:: Many Common Loons in Wisconsin are making second nesting attempts, after a population explosion of blackflies led many loons to abandon their nests earlier this spring.

:: A woman in Quebec has been found guilty of causing the deaths of a motorcyclist and his daughter after she stopped to help some ducklings cross a busy highway in 2010.

:: A power outage and forest fire in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, were apparently caused by an electrocuted Common Raven

:: Researchers are fitting radio transmitters on American Avocets that nest along the Great Salt Lake, hoping to collect data on where the birds migrate to for winter.

:: A article from NPR discussing the pros and cons of collecting bird specimens for science 

:: The Tri-colored Blackbird population in California has declined 44 percent since  2011

:: You can now buy the Federal Duck Stamp from the American Birding Association

Great post in birding blogs this week:

:: From The Eyrie: Meet Chloe Walker: 2014 ABA Young Birder of the Year

:: From Alfredo at 10,000 Birds: Digital Photos or Illustrations 

:; From Maureen at Hipster Birders: Hittin’ the West Coast

:: From Julie at Nature’s Splendor: Flying Jewels of Spring 

:: From Josiah at Birding in Your Backyard: Oak Hammock Marsh Birding and Bird Banding

:: From Kathleen at Birdworthy: Birding Brigatine 

:: From Andrew at Birding Dude: Jamaica Bay Barn Owls

:: From Barbara at Primarily Pets: A controversial waterbird but a very good parent

:: From Larry at The Brownstone Birding Blog: When Endangered Birds Can’t Pay The Rent

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