Earlier this week on Facebook, one of my friends shared this terrific sparrow poster created by Richard Edden.


It’s a very handy chart if you’re out in the field and quickly want to compare sparrow “faces”.

A few days later, Mr. Edden shared a poster of “warbler faces” and also announced that he’s working on an app called BirdFace, which will be out soon!

In reply to a Facebook query I sent him, Mr. Edden replied, ”Within 24 hours of posting the first graphic online, there was so much positive feedback and support from MD [Maryland] birders, but also throughout the US, that I decided to jump to producing an app, BirdFace. This is my first foray into iOS App programming, so BirdFace is an exciting, evolving project, with on-going feedback through Facebook. The anticipated release date in App Store is April 12th, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Updated to add:

Mr Edden just created a Facebook page for BirdFace today!


15 thoughts on “BirdFaces!

  1. I saw this poster on facebook and couldn’t remember where–I’ve been looking all over for it! Happy to find your blog–I just added it to my feed reader. Happy Birding!

  2. The spread of these images, and the creation of the tyrannid spoof, is a great case study in the diffusion of graphic material on line. And they’re a lot of fun to look at, to boot.

  3. It’s a very good start. Reminds one a bit of Charley Harper’s wonderful minimalism. Since it came to us in Plains states, through this “Prairie Birder” blog, one hopes for the eventual inclusion of other prairie sparrow spp., like Harris’, LeConte’s or Clay Colored, etc…

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