Happy Belated World House Sparrow Day!

The House Sparrow may be a nuisance in North America, it is a declining species in its native range of Europe and India. The Nature Forever Society is hoping to raise awareness of the sparrow’s declining population creating World House Sparrow Day.

World House Sparrow Day has been celebrated on March 20th every year since its establishment in 2010. Even though we’re past March 20th, there are still a few ways you can help the House Sparrow (if you’re outside of North America) by putting up nest boxes and bird feeders.

Happy belated World House Sparrow Day everyone!

A thriving Canadian House Sparrow,

IMG_0127  IMG_0130


2 thoughts on “Happy Belated World House Sparrow Day!

  1. I get the impression from reading a lot of birding articles on the net that the house sparrow is a bird to be feared and discouraged in the backyard if we want to increase the bluebird population and other song bird population as they take over nests, and often kill the bluebird and the nestlings of songbirds. Claudette

  2. I feel quite bad I have never heard of World Sparrow Day, and here I was thinking I was knowledgeable about stuff. I will have to follow their stuff from now so I don’t forget. Thanks for sharing this.

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