Birding News #41

:: Canada Rare Bird Alert: A Hermit Warbler was seen and netted at the Tadoussac Bird Observatory in Quebec on October 29th. If accepted, this will be a first record for Quebec.

:: Residents of Lodi, California, are concerned that proposed construction of a water tunnel will drive away Sandhill Cranes from the nearby Delta wetlands; the birds are celebrated each year at the annual Sandhill Crane Festival.

:: The latest trend in Japanese coffee houses is the “owl cafe”, where not only are the decor and menus based on a raptor theme, but also have live owls which patrons can hold and pet, raising safety and ethical concerns for the birds and the humans.

:: The city of Wausau, Wisconsin, has put a bird on it in a big way, featuring a public art project with 18 large metal bird sculptures placed in the median on a local highway. Wausau is also hosting the annual “Birds in Art” exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum now until November 10th, when the exhibit goes on tour.

:: Markham Hilton Suites Hotel has installed bird-friendly film on the windows of the hotel to help reduce bird collisions

:: Researchers say they have discovered Australia’s oldest known bird footprints, a pair of tracks left along a sandy riverbank in Australia during the Early Cretaceous Period, more than 100 million years ago.

:: David Sibley’s second edition of The Sibley Guide to Birds of North America is due out on March 11, 2014.

:: Only weeks after California’s governor signed legislation mandating hunters to use non-lead ammunition, a record number of 21 endangered California condors were treated in the last month at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens for lead poisoning, more than half the number the zoo sees in an average year.

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