Birding News #31

:: Dozens of paralyzed ravens and crows have been found in British Columbia, and area veterinarians are trying to solve the mystery

:: A Czech zoologist studied waterfowl landings for a year to determine how flocking birds avoid collisions when they touch down

:: Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are experiencing dramatic changes in their migration

:: The early bird gets the legs: an Oxford University research team found that a radical shortening of their bony tails more than 100 million years ago enabled the earliest birds to develop versatile legs that gave them an evolutionary edge.

:: When Bar-headed Geese migrate over the Himalayas, it requires 10 to 20 times more oxygen than resting

:: Song Sparrows of different ages experience climate change differently

:: The Guardian has a roundup of reviews for Mark Cocker’s latest book, Birds & People, which was published on August 1 in the UK (September 24 in the US and Canada)

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: From Ken at Rosyfinch RamblingsBirding while dodging raindrops

:: From Kathie at Kathie’s Birds: Those Pesky Peeps

:: From Cory at 10000 Birds: Large-billed Terns at the Trincity Sewage Ponds

:: From Greg at Greg Miller Birding2013 Impatient Birder’s Cheat Sheet to North America!

:: From Steve at Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds: Roselaari Red Knot

:: From Tim at Bird Canada: Camping, Kayaking, and Bird Photography — Sounds like a Great Summer! 

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