Birding News #21

:: A Boston Globe article about Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds radio show (I was thrilled to be interviewed for it), by Linda Matchan! PS You don’t have to be in Massachusetts to listen (I listen online whenever I can)…

:: How the rooster lost his penis

:: The Calgary Herald profiles legendary Calgary naturalist, Gus Yaki

:: 15 newly-described species of birds have been discovered in the Amazon Rainforest!

:: A new bait created to resemble horseshoe crabs, which is good news for the crabs and migrating shorebirds on the East coast.

:: Superb Lyrebirds of Australia match their songs to specific dance moves

:: Did you know that one Purple Martin banded, and tagged with a geolocator last year at the Ellis Bird Farm in Southern Alberta, clocked more than 21,000 km on her migration route?

:: Some Canadian scientists believe that Purple Martins are declining because their migration misses the peak for insects in the Spring.

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

From Kathie at Kathie’s BirdsThe Quail Saga Continues

:: From Sam at Two Birders and Binoculars: Interview with Bird LEGO Creator Extraordinaire — Thomas-Poulsom

:: From Liam at Colorblind Birder: Being a Colorblind Birder

:: From Timothy at Backyard Chirper: Common Backyard Birds Nesting Information

:: From Jeff at the ABA Blog: Remembering Betty Petersen 1943 – 2013

:: From Jeff at The City BirderWhat is an Empidonax Flycatcher??

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