Wild Bird Wednesday: American Coots

Today, I’m linking up with Stewart for his Wild Bird Wednesday. Be sure to read through all the other bloggers linking up with Stewart, with their own wild birds. And welcome to everyone here stopping by from WBW!

American Coots I digiscoped the other day,


PS I may be back later today to update this post, I wrote it up last night after 11 pm after a five-hour theatre rehearsal (we have our performances of “The Wizard of Oz” at the end of the week), so I’m not quite sure what I’ve written!

8 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday: American Coots

  1. Very nice pictures! We see coots on the Lake where we spend summers (in Oregon)…I always enjoy them…they’re like a fleet of little wind-up boats putting along leaving a wake behind them. Someone told me it’s called a “raft of coots.” Seems about right. Break a leg on your Wizard production.

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