Foxy Wednesday

I saw this Red Fox a few days ago, on April 5th when I drove to our farmyard to do the 4pm calving check. The fox didn’t move as I watched it. I went back for the 6pm and the 9pm checks and the fox was still sleeping in the same spot. I was very surprised that it didn’t run away. Red Foxes are hard to see in our area, many people don’t like having them around and shoot them, so foxes try to stay out of sight.

As long as the fox stays away from our chickens we don’t mind having such a beautiful animal around.



3 thoughts on “Foxy Wednesday

  1. A couple of great shots Charlotte – wonder why it stuck around? It looks pretty healthy, maybe it’s a youngster. I love foxes – and like your area, most of the farmers around here shoot all wildlife, foxes, rabbits, coyotes even crows sometimes. Hope that beautiful little creature stays where it’s safe and stays out of the hen house!

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