Spring Poll Results

Thank you very much to everyone who voted on my Spring Poll.

The results are in (below), and the Favorite Spring Bird is the Tree Swallow!

Tree Swallow: 18 votes

Horned Lark: 9 votes

Canada Goose: 3 votes

Other votes: 4 vote for the American Robin, 3 votes for the Mountain Bluebird, 3 votes for the Meadowlark, 3 votes for the Red-winged Blackbird, 2 votes for the Rose-breasted Grosbeak, 1 vote for the Western Meadowlark, 1 vote for the Blackburnian Warbler, 1 vote for the Eurasian Wigeon, 1 vote for the Wood Duck, 1 vote for Long-billed Curlew, 1 vote for the Northern Flicker, 1 vote for the Swainson’s Hawk, 1 vote for the Mississippi Kite, 1 vote for the House Finch, 1 vote for the Merlin, 1 vote for the Red Knot, 1 vote for the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 1 vote for the Hummingbird, 1 vote for the Goldfinch, and 1 vote for the gull. There were even two votes for extinct species: the Great Auk and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

I hope you have a chance this winter to see your favorite spring bird at least once!

Thanks very much to all who voted and played along with my spring game!


4 thoughts on “Spring Poll Results

  1. Diverse range of birds chosen, my House Finch only gathered one vote, sniffle!! Another one showed up in the back alley last evening and I thought I heard a gull.

    Bob Edmonton.

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