Bird Houses to Help People Houses

This year I’m the hiking project leader in our 4H Outdoor Club, and on Saturday all of the club members came out to our farm to build bird houses for our community service project. We’re donating the boxes to the local Habitat for Humanity to use as part of their spring fundraiser.

We built the boxes in our shop as it was -12 Celsius outside. We made 45 houses, enough for Habitat for Humanity and also for nine members to take bird houses home to put up. I spoke on the care, placement, and maintenance of birdhouses and what birds might be expected to occupy them (Tree Swallows, Mountain Bluebirds, House Wrens).

With a little bit of luck, there will be some new houses, big and small, around here.





12 thoughts on “Bird Houses to Help People Houses

  1. Congratulations to you and your group Charlotte. Bird houses bring a wealth of interest to everyone in the neighbourhood. I have thirteen on my wee two acres – which includes one owl box (needing cleaning out at this point.) I admire your commitment to helping Habitat for Humanity. It is such a great cause. You have certainly done more than your bit to help out. And what a lot of fun you must have had. Your bird houses look like mine – and remind me to go check that there are no early wasps nests in them and they are ready for the first explorers.

  2. Great project Charlotte. Your fans here may not know that the Edmonton Nature Club, through the Snow Goose Chase, is putting up 4 more bluebird nesting boxes this year in the Tofield area. All the boxes, now 8, have the name of a participating group painted on the house…Uncles at Large, Artstart etc.

    Bob Edmonton.

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