Spring Calves

It isn’t officially spring yet, but once March calves start coming on the farm, spring is just around the corner. Our herd of cattle started this Sunday and we have five calves so far. The calves are all Black Angus cross and as calves are always, very cute! On a birding sidenote: I saw the first Canada Goose yesterday too, another sign of spring!

This bull calf was born yesterday and was quite frisky, jumping and bouncing around, even chasing after our dog.

You can see the calf chasing our dog in this video,

A sleeping calf,


Cow and calf,


4 thoughts on “Spring Calves

  1. Oh Charlotte, I am an old farmer at heart. How delightful to see this little video of the calf! It’s very bold to chase the dog and I am surprised the dog ran! Even more fun to see mama cow come and check to make sure all is well!

  2. Great shots and a wonderful video – I love spring calves and how they play! There is a Charolais Hereford mixed herd across the road which I thoroughly enjoy come spring. Often there are twins. Black Angus are great cattle – you must be very pleased to have five successful births already. And the Canada geese have begun to migrate north here too – heard them overhead last night at dusk.

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