Mystery at My Feeders

Yesterday morning, while I was watching the birds at my feeders for the for the GBBC which had just started, I counted 42 Common Redpolls and two Hoary Redpolls. That’s the most birds I’ve seen at my feeders all year!

After a while I noticed what looked like a redpoll lying on its side. It was snowing moderately so it was hard to it see clearly.

After coming back from doing farm chores I went out to inspect, since I had to refill the feeders anyway.

This is what I found,


I’m not quite sure what happened to this redpoll. I don’t think it hit any of the windows, because it was a good 12 feet from the windows and any bird strikes usually fall within a few feet of the house. There are no cats or other predators around our yard, my feeders were all cleaned a week ago, and all of the birds until yesterday looked in fine condition.

But on Thursday, with a low of only -7 Celsius, we had blizzard conditions — snow and very strong winds, with whiteouts. It might have all been too much for this redpoll or something entirely different. I guess I’ll never know.




10 thoughts on “Mystery at My Feeders

  1. Lucky you to see all the pretty Redpolls at your feeders. It is sad to see one dead, I hope it was natural causes. They are cold weather birds, seen all the way into Alaska. So, I would not think it was due to the weather conditions.

  2. How very sad, but caring of you to post. I know Redpolls are susceptible to the same salmonellosis bacteria that sometimes affects other finches and Pine Siskins. That’s another possibility.

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