Get Ready for the GBBC

The GBBC starts next week, Friday, February 15th, and runs though Monday, February 18th!


You can do a stationary count or a traveling count, and can count for as little as 15 minutes. Every bird counted is important data for scientists monitoring our bird populations. Last year, participants reported more than 104,000 online checklists, creating the continent’s largest instantaneous snapshot of bird populations ever recorded.

The GBBC is a joint project of The National Audubon Society, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Canadian partner Bird Studies Canada.

For families with kids there’s a page on the website with coloring pages and other resources.

This year the Great Backyard Bird Count is going global too!


Grab your own buttons here to promote the GBBC. You can embed their button to put on your blog or website. There are buttons in FrenchEnglish, and Spanish as well as posters free to download.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is offering free bird songs of the five most-reported species during the annual Great Backyard Bird Count in North America.

I’m hoping to count at least two of the days, but all four days would be better.

Here are some photos I took during last year’s GBBC,

A Black-capped Chickadee,


A Black-billed Magpie,


A Hairy Woodpecker,


2 thoughts on “Get Ready for the GBBC

  1. Great info Charlotte, I think we could use some of the coloring pages for the kids on the Chase buses. Crayons are on all the buses.


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