Turkey Vulture Wing Tagging

In mid-August I travelled again with Dr. Wayne Nelson, and also the local Fish & Wildlife officer, and a wildlife photographer to wing tag young Turkey Vultures. We visited three abandoned buildings, each with two vultures in it, and at two of the buildings we saw an adult flying over. We tagged the vulture chicks from the first and second buildings while indoors, but the vultures from the last building we tagged outside, so most of the photos of the tagging, below, are from the last building since the lighting was better.

Once the vultures were caught, they were put into boxes, and also weighed in the box,

A cattle ear tagger, similar to a hole punch, is used to attach the identification number; Dr. Nelson is on the right,

One of the adults at the first building,

The first tagged Turkey Vulture chick,

Once the vultures are tagged, photos are taken of them, and at the second building I was able to hold each vulture for pictures (I am wearing my Long Point Bird Observatory ball cap, one of my favorite souvenirs!),

Honey bees at the last building,

A Turkey Vulture close up,

The vulture is put in a bag to secure it while the measurements are taken,

Vultures tagged in Alberta have yellow tags, and vultures tagged in Saskatchewan have green tags,

Thank you very much again, Dr. Nelson, for a wonderful and very educational experience!

10 thoughts on “Turkey Vulture Wing Tagging

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  4. I saw 12 vultures during my walk on our road today. I did see one with a yellow tag but couldn’t see the number on it. Not sure if the others had one or not. We live in Southern Saskatchewan near the Montana border. I didn’t know anything about this wing tagging so found you through Google.

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