Prairie Falcon Encounter

My mom and I were on our way home from town this afternoon, (we were getting the exhibit hall and grounds ready for the fair which starts on Tuesday), and she was driving while I was partially asleep.

Almost 20 feet from our driveway, my mother saw a raptor holding something in its talons and realized it wasn’t the usual Red-tailed Hawk. Her excited yell woke me up and when I looked, the bird was flying across the road in front of the truck and then landed on a fence post. When we arrived to the house I got my scope, new camera and my other camera and went outside.

With my scope I could see the bird really well, and identified it as a Prairie Falcon, which surprised me, eating a female Red-winged Blackbird. Prairie Falcons aren’t very common in Alberta and most of the recent reports on eBird are in Southern Alberta. I was very lucky to see one, and it’s always fun to add another lifer to your list if you don’t have to travel to far.

The live Red-winged Blackbird in the pics is probably the mate to the one killed.

All my photos are digiscoped,

Prairie Falcon and Red-winged Blackbird,

16 thoughts on “Prairie Falcon Encounter

  1. Great sighting! Watching birds of prey do what they do best is always awe-inspiring, although it’s hard not to feel sorry for the male RWBB. Congrats on the lifer!

  2. Always difficult for we tender-hearts to see something die, but understanding the circle of life makes it simpler – and this bit of the circle – with you spotting and photographing a lifer is wonderful Prairie Birder. Great shots – you obviously are learning quickly with your new camera…

  3. Congratulations on the lifer, I saw a Prairie Falcon dining on a pigeon one here in Edmonton, I got some blurry shots with my point and shoot, but I haven’t seen one since.

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