Hanging on a line

This morning my brothers and I went out to do our farm chores, and on our way to the corrals we saw something on the power line. We could tell that whatever it was had died. On further inspection I saw it was a large bird and as we got closer still I could tell it was an owl. I didn’t have my binoculars or camera with me, so after chores I went back to the house to grab the vital tools I would need to identify what tuned out to be an owl on the power line.

The owl must have flown into the power line, hooked and/or broke its wing, and wasn’t able to free itself.

Here are photos of the owl my brothers and I found this morning.

The view from the road,

I looked with my binoculars before I took pictures and I could see it was Short-eared Owl,

Earlier this year as my dad I were going to town, we found a dead Great-horned Owl in the ditch. Today’s bird is the second dead owl I’ve found. Here is one photo of the Great-horned Owl we found in April,

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