Autumn Discovery

Tuesday morning on the way to our corrals to do chores, my brothers, my dad, and I found a Canada Goose by the side of the road.

When we drove past it with the truck, and it didn’t fly away, we could see that it was injured. Dad caught the goose and handed it to me, and I carried in the truck on my lap. I am fairly certain the goose had never been in a truck before. We took it to our corrals, and put it on one of the little pens we use for broody hens. I gave the goose some water and some ground wheat, and it ate a bit.

A few years ago my grandparents, who live a few miles away, found a Great Blue Heron stuck in a snow bank in late October or early November, long after migration time. They called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Spruce Grove, Alberta, near Edmonton. My mother thinks we should consider calling the WRS about our goose.

Here are some photos of the goose,

Not wanting to be caught,

Riding in the truck,

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