Snowshoeing and sleigh rides

Every February our naturalist society holds a day of snowshoeing and sleigh rides followed by a potluck.

We had a beautiful day for it last Saturday with a sleigh ride to our destination. Then we snowshoed the rest of the way. As we were trudging (!) though the woods a snowshoe hare lept out of the trees, ran a ways, then stood very still as we watched it. We also identified some tracks, from white-tailed deer, snowshoe hare, and weasel. After the walk there was a wonderful potluck supper with roast beef with hot apple cider. I made devilled eggs and chocolate cake.  We were all so happy that while we were eating supper that the sun was still shining at 6 pm, which means that the days are getting longer and Spring must be around the corner.

At the start of the snowshoeing,

The snowshoe hare stood motionless as we watched it,

We believe these are vole tracks,

A faraway expanse of snow on the lake,

Coming back for supper with the sleigh and its team of beautiful horses,

4 thoughts on “Snowshoeing and sleigh rides

  1. Hi
    My Name is Sarah and I really like your blog!
    I like birds as well.
    God mde so many kinds for us to study and observe!
    I like the picture of the rabbit best!
    In Christ

  2. Hi “Prairie birder”
    Just checking out your blog, and I am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of birds!
    I like your blog, and will stop by often.
    Hope to see you again soon :)
    Rebecca (aka Reb)

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